MicroSky is a mini-planetarium for mobile devices with Java-support and a connection to the Internet (preferably GPRS or UMTS).

It's a very light J2ME-Midlet client/server application which retrieves its starcharts from the skyserver. It can display 2.500.000 stars, 8.000 deep sky objects, the constellations, the planets, local horizon, 1000 current comets, and minor planets. MicroSky provides lots of functions and settings for customizing the MicroSky-Charts to your individual needs.

Microsky v3 extends v2 with even more functions such as a more polished style, Bluetooth-GPS support and a offline mode that reduces the GPRS costs and enables MicroSky for outdoor regions without GPRS reception.

Reach for the stars with MicroSky planetarium.




MicroSky 3.1.2